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posted Feb 25, 2016, 4:35 AM by Noa Shmueli   [ updated Feb 25, 2016, 4:38 AM ]


A single bubble rose up from the dark.

It popped.

The sound reverberated through the endless space, bouncing off walls that did not exist.


The being slowly came to life, a milky liquid dribbling out of his slit nostrils and swirling out in a spiraling, malevolent cloud. It dissipated in the musty air.

The being opened its eyes, its moonlike pupils dilating, piercing and glowing in the darkness. Its hands fumbled about the monstrously oversized head, the furry scales on the twisted fingers recoiling at the touch.

‘Too much… too much!’ It was barely more than a whisper, but it contained the whole world, spreading and hissing through the total night.

Haunted by its loneliness, the being raised its head to where no glittering moon hung.

However, it howled.

The thoughts in his head howled with him, and the being took comfort in that. Everything in the world was his, she realized. All his. Only hers. Animalistic instincts forced him to bare her teeth in glee. Snow, fire, destruction, excruciating death – in his hands. As the thoughts swirled in his head, she realized that he was constantly switching identity, everything about her. Was he an animal? Did she have a gender?

Emotions. Emotions. Emotions emotions emotions emotions emotions. Constantly changing. Exhausting it.

‘Urgh.’ A moan escaped its lips. Guttural. Guttural, yet human.

It felt the moan reverberating around the universe. It waited for a single eternity, and the sound returned, hitting it full in the face.

The being sat up.

‘Ouchie,’ It said, sucked its finger, and collapsed.

When it rose again, it felt the change. The world had become warmer. The being was glad. Another millennium passed in the blink of an eye, then another, then another. It

started feeling slightly uncomfortable. Need cold, it thought, need cooollllddd.

On an impulse, it thought of cool water. Mmmm… cold, heavenly water. Pure, innocent.

Flooding over the earth. Killing, destroying, demolishing. How quickly its thoughts flooded the earth. How quickly it dismissed the deaths and the devastation, how quickly the power had gone to its head.

‘Be quiet,’ it told the thoughts in his head. And did not think of the eternally orphaned boy, living on the streets after a giant wave had flooded his hometown. Bemoaning his unlucky fate, ribs showing from the malnourished, stick-like chest.

Another flick of the finger – a fire raged across the dry summer grasses. A puny dog escaped and – was it by chance? – found the orphan boy.

The being didn’t notice, of course. It laughed in triumph, and shook its head, and an earthquake terrorized the earth. Buildings crashed in a terrible tumult of chaos, rubble,

shards of broken, jagged glass. A metal bar fell on the curled up boy, killing him in an excruciating instant.

The dog whined. It lay down and licked the boy until a balcony window fell upon it and all that was left was a puddle of bloody fur and a moist tongue.

The being raised its finger. A little smile played about its lips, the single-jointed digit ready to flood the whole earth.

Suddenly, a power far greater than its own overtook its will. The being resisted its force, staying up while the invisible power pushed it to its knees. There was a terrible snap, and the finger stayed suspended in midair, blood gushing out of the fresh stump.

Tears of helplessness and anger gushed out, waterfalls and oceans flooding over; it felt no joy.



They dried.

It looked up.

The finger twitched.



He picked it up and reattached it.

He looked to where the powerful aura came from.

Another curled up figure lay in the darkness.


A bubble rose up from the dark, and popped.