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The Buddha series is a fantastic manga retelling the stories of the great Gautama in those days. It also explains about the caste system, where the filthy pariah are untouchable, and brahmin are respected and revered. It tells of kings, beggars, and monks that strive to find the truth, find the way to end suffering and never die.
The Buddha, too, seeks that way, and slowly understands the true meaning of life.

Volume I: Kapilavastu

The prince Siddharta is born in Lumbini gardens from the womb of Mahamaya, the great queen of Kapilavastu, wife of King Suddhodana. Young Tatta seeks revenge on Kosalans for setting their village in flames and killing his family, and Chapra, the slave becomes a warrior after saving a general from some hungry crocs. Naradatta becomes a wild beast and lives accordingly to nature. Lots of happenings swarm around, due to Siddharta's birth. The saint Asita predicts that the Buddha will have a great future.