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Momo is a little girl who lives between the ruins of an old amphitheatre. She has the remarkable talent of listening. As she listens to anyone, ideas spurt out and imagination spreads. After people find this out, she is surrounded by many friends, big and small. All is well in that little world.

But one day, the gray men arrive. They need to steal time for their survival - in other words, their time is up and they use other people's time to survive. So, they brainwash the people of the neighbourhood, one by one, to save time. Then, they steal the saved time, telling the people that the time is put into a so-called "Time-Saving Bank".

Momo suddenly realizes that no-one has time for her anymore. So, with the help of a magical turtle named Cassiopeia, she goes to Master Hora, who reveals to her the secrets and wonders of time.

I liked it a lot! You can feel the excitement as Momo rushes and the minutes count down, and you can feel the wonder as each flower unfolds its petals and then withers away. The plot is a little confusing at times but very engaging all the same. Recommended for ages 0-∞!
As in any classic story, when you turn over the last page, you will be able to say, "All's well that ends well."