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The Willoughbys

The Willoughbys book cover
The Willoughbys
is an old-fashioned story about old-fashioned people - meet Tim, Jane, A and B, Commander Melanoff, and Nanny. The Willoughby children, led by bossy Tim, get rid of their parents in a cruel way, and get frustrated when they don't die yet. Commander Melanoff, pizza dripping off his once-neatly-trimmed beard, finds a Baby Ruth outside his door, and vows to himself that she will never have a lick of Lickety Twist.
Somehow, this book appeared to me as funny, though I find no jokes or humor in it. Rather, sadness and cruelty take place. Still, the Willoughbys make me laugh out loud. The Willoughbys is unrealistic, though I believe Lois purposely wrote it like that.