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The Squire's Tales

Sir Gawain, his Squire, and his Lady

The second book in this humorous series, the adventures of Terence and Gawain move on. Sir Lancelot du Lac arrives and is immediately famous for his handsome figure and remarkable fighting skills. A very romantic fellow, that Lancelot is. Gawain sets out once more on a quest - but a serious one this time. Gawain is honour-bound to let a huge green knight take a blow at his neck - a blow that he certainly won't come out alive, everyone says. 
On the way, the questers arrive at a cruel marquise's castle, and rescue a damsel in distress there. Onward, they pass to the Other World, and experience there difficult situations. Terence finds his true love, and Sir Gawain weds Lorie, Terence's sister.
I really love these series of books and especially this one, because of the childish humor. The humorous conversations with the sharpness of the characters makes this book a very enjoyable one.

Gawain cleared his throat and said: "Before you say anything, you should know that that's the Blessed Virgin."
"Just coming out of her bath, is she?" Dirk asked.