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The Adventures of Tintin

Tintin, written by the famed Hergé, is a comic series telling about a smart boy that travels around the world, taking care of gangsters and criminals. He is accompanied by the unseparable Snowy and "polite" Captain Haddock.
Along with the dumb detectives, ear-shattering Signora Castafiore, the butler Nestor, jolly Jolyon Wagg and deaf Professor Cuthbert Calculus, Tintin and friends have a real party going on! 

Tintin in America

World-famous reporter Tintin comes to Chicago to "clean-up", and the gangsters of the city aren't happy at all! Led by Al Capone, Bobby Smiles takes it on him to get rid of Tintin before he causes any trouble for them. Bobby manages to talk himself out of a Redskin death, and lays trouble in front of Tintin. The latter experiences very close-to-death situations, such as tied up on the rail tracks, the victim of a triggered rock fall, and having a tomahawk thrown at him, but, as always, catches Bobby Smiles and his gang in an especially hilarious way.

Cigars of the Pharaoh

Tintin meets a mad Egyptologist who convinces him to help him search for the tomb of the Pharaoh. Tintin ends up deserted in a coffin in the heart of a raging sea and at last is washed up on a boat that later drops him off unceremoniously after he sneaks about and finds that it is mined.
He tricks a pilot into lending him his plane, then runs out of juice and lands in the middle of a jungle with a first-aid kit and manual (maybe to cure his headache - the one caused by the kit and manual dropping on his head).
He becomes the local elephant doctor and learns to speak Elephant, later mixing up in the Pharaoh's plot only to get locked up as a madman.
He escapes, helps the Maharaja to escape a dreadful disaster and rescues the Maharaja's son from kidnappers hungry for easy bucks.
Rating: (One of my favourite books in the Tintin series)

King Ottokar's Sceptre

Tintin becomes Professor Hector Alembick's secretary and joins him on a trip to Syldavia. Tintin hears yells and calls for help through the phone on one of his call to the professor, though the latter seems oblivious to that and responds that he didn't do anything of the sort. Tintin suspects that Professor Alembick is a fake, though his beard isn't, Tintin tests.
After reaching safely to Syldavia, Tintin realizes a plot is being formed against the King Ottokar of Syldavia - his royal sceptre will be stolen, and he will be forced to abdicate, as per the laws of Syldavia. Tintin helps the king retrieve his sceptre, weaving his way through the trickery of criminals and performing daring acrobatics of which Snowy does not approve.
The book ends absurdly with the Thompsons (or should I say Thomsons) as the main characters.
Rating:(My favourite book in the Tintin Series)

Tintin In the Congo

One of the funniest Tintin books, with animals that talk and Snowy biting off a lion's tail. Tintin becomes a chief of a black tribe after he outwits it — he hides a magnet behind a tree, and all the arrows and spears that are thrown at him are attracted to the tree. The juju-man (witch-doctor) of the tribe and a white man plan to kill Tintin somehow and they steal a fetish and plant it in Tintin's tent. When it is found, the tribe plan to put him to death, but he is rescued by Coco, his friend, and proves to the tribe that it was the juju-man who stole the fetish. The white man and his gang try to kill Tintin once again but Tintin survives and captures the gang. Then, satisfied, he returns back to Europe. 
The book is pretty rare now, because of racism and hunting of animals included, but you might find a collector's edition.