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The Five Find-Outers and Dog or The Mystery Series

Mystery of the Strange Bundle

Fatty, also known as Master Frederick Trotterville or, in a less admiring manner: "that fat toad of a boy!" starts another mystery, depending on his wonderful skills of ventriloquism. He spoofs Mr.Goon with it, filling his brain with pigs, dogs and Aunties. The Five Find-Outers inspect a burglary, which isn't so innocent as it looks. They soon fall on the right track, while Goon serves the Super with reports on Aunties. 
Finally, Buster falls on the right track... well, more like the right shoe. Buster digs out a valuable shoe (but only with Bets's persuasion) - it solves all the mystery.
Hip hip hurrah for Buster! HIP HIP - HURRAH! HIP HIP - HURRAH!