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St. Clare's

St Clare's Series

St.Clare's is an exciting and interesting set of stories written by Enid Blyton. It is quite similar to Blyton's other all-girl boarding school series, Malory Towers. St. Clare's is quite a comedy, though it also teaches an important lesson in life. The grouching French teacher, the wise principal and the stuck-up twins are some of the things that make St. Clare so funny. The parts I especially like are the parts where the students play tricks on the teachers. Look out for them!

The Twins at St Clare's

The Twins at St Clare's book cover
The spoiled O'Sullivan Twins are horrified to hear that they are going to stop learning at their beloved school Redroofs and begin studying in the St Clare's school, "where anybody can go, and the dormitories take six or eight girls and aren't nearly as nicely furnished as the maids' bedrooms are at home!", as Pat describes. She decides to "show them" in the St Clare's and though Isabel agrees immediately, when the latter reaches the school, she is quickly won over. Slowly, Pat and Isabel learn to be better people and start socializing with the rest of the girly gang. By the way, if you are looking for an apple-pie bed or trick pencils, St Clare's is quite the place to find them. But, amid the perfect school-year, some thieving starts to go on. Oh, and miserly Kathleen begins to be rich.
The hoity-toity young girls are finally taken in into the all-girls community.