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The Wishing Jug

The Wishing Jug book coverTuppeny always lazes in his job - scaring away birds from the crops. He dreams of being a rich prince, a powerful personality. Hey, be careful! The corn is gone!
And one day, here comes his chance; with the help of a thieving wizard, he manages to get a wishing jug. Bringing priceless gifts to the king, he immediately wins the princess' hand. The wizard tries his best to get his jug back. Tuppeny learns that once you have everything, you don't need anymore. 
This enchanting little story makes me laugh because Tuppeny sometimes behaves like an, well, idiot.


The Enchanted Table

The Enchanted Table book cover
The Enchanted Table is a beautifully-carved table with magical powers. It finds its way to a poor family with ungrateful, misbehaved children, and at last he gets tired of being kicked, dirtied, and hurt, and runs away to many different places. This story has a very light suspense; it won't make you shiver.


The Greedy Rabbit

The Greedy Rabbit book cover
Loppy has a picnic, and he gathers with his friends to decide who they will invite. They invite many people - Furry, Whiskers, Bobtail and Fluff - but absolutely not Slippy - he's sly and greedy. The happy party did not notice that a revengeful Slippy was watching them. He boils up a plan - but the plan backfires, and a pheasant comes to his rescue. Slippy is shocked out of his life, and vows to never to be greedy or mean again.