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Mr. Twiddle is a forgetful old man, and tortures his wife with his slowness. He always tries to come up with ways to prevent him forgetting things - but these methods never work and he gives them up.

Mr. Twiddle's Christmas Mistake (Story from Well, Really, Mr. Twiddle!)

Well, Really, Mr.Twiddle! book cover
Mr. Twiddle had got some circus tickets for himself, his wife and for his grandchildren. He had also made some gorgeous Christmas cards for them. 
Just before dinner, he decided that he should post the cards. But... as always, the forgetful man by mistake posts the tickets. When he gets back home his wife reminds him of his mistake and he hurries to the postbox, where he catches the postman just emptying the post. He takes back the tickets but forgets to post the cards! Well, really, Mr. Twiddle!