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Famous Five

"Join the Famous Five - Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy the dog as they solve thrilling mysteries!"
The Famous Five is yet another great series written by Enid Blyton. Similarly to the Secret Seven, the Famous Five are a group of brave kids who solve mysteries and go on daring adventures.
Julian, Dick and Anne are siblings. Georgina is their cousin tomboy, who will not answer to any name except George and adores her dog Timmy.

Five On a Treasure Island

Julian, Dick and Anne go to Kirrin and meet their hot-tempered, sulky cousin Georgina and her clever but as equally tempered scientist father Quentin. George is proud to tell and show them her very own island! In a fierce storm, a sunken wreck near the island is flung up. They find gold ingots in the dungeons of the ruined castle on the island and risk their lives to capture some other men, who want the ingots for their own selves. 
I've realized that the first time you read this, you may not like it at all (like me) but once you read the other books in the series you might become attached to these books as I have.
I recommend this book especially for Blyton lovers, because I feel this is one of her best series.

Five on Finniston Farm

The three siblings, cousin and dog bike up to Finniston Farm (not the dog, only the kids) where an excitable Old Great-Grandad, a pair of strange twins called the Harries, a spoiled American kid and his "pops", and many more! The five learn that there was once a castle built in the area of the farm, and that buried treasure is somewhere about. The American man gets permission from the farmer to dig up a plot of land in exchange for a few thousand dollars — and the treasure is worth millions more than that! The Famous Five have to win the race to find the treasure, and with secret passages, spades and a lot of determination, they finally do.
This is the best Famous Five book ever! Be sure to read this — this is a must.

Five Go to Demon's Rocks

Aunt Fanny is horrified when she hears that Professor Hayling, Quentin's friend, and his son Tinker are coming to stay a week earlier than planned. After Anne, Julian, Dick, George and Timmy come back from boarding school, Aunt Fanny has no idea where to put them all. On top of all of this, Tinker zooms around the house pretending to be a car all day with his naughty pet monkey. The house is full and the two scientists can't be expected to work when there are five excited children, a dog and a monkey around the house. 
Suddenly, Tinker reveals that he owns a lighthouse where they could all live alone for the rest of the holidays. The lighthouse is in a place by the sea called Demon's Rocks. There are caves there, and it is said that treasure is hidden in them. The five children find out a secret about the lighthouse, and outwit the two rogues Jacob and Ebenezer —
and finally find the treasure!

Five Go Adventuring Again

The children all groan when they hear that they must have a tutor for their holidays. The tutor is Mr Roland, a sharp-eyed man, who seems to be very nice — but George and Timmy detest him.  He makes friends with Uncle Quentin and is very interested in the secret formula that he is working on. George catches him snooping around Uncle Quentin's study at night, and a few days later, some important papers are gone.
The children (and Mr Roland who insists on coming with them) are caught into an adventure again when they find sliding panels and a cupboard with a false back in Kirrin Farmhouse, and meet two artists who are staying there temporarily. Mr Roland has never seen them before — but then how did George see him whispering with them the day before?
The kids find a secret passage leading from the study at George's house to the cupboard with a false back. They find the papers hidden away in the coat of one of the artists, and escape back to the study. But the artists follow them, and brave George stays back with Timmy to hold them off. Finally, they are caught and everyone lives happily — but not very long when the Famous Five are around!