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Geronimo Stilton

Geronimo Stilton and all his family

The Geronimo Stilton series, written by Elisabetta Dami, are a quite favourite series of fiction. They are about a cowardly mouse and his variable family; his abominable cousin Trap, attractive photographer sister Thea, his master chef grandma, his cheap grandfather William and his wonderful favourite nephew Benjamin. It also includes some minor characters like Pinky Pink, his irritating worker or Bruce Hyena, his friend the supermouse. Geronimo works as a manager of the best newspaper in Mouse Island, competing with the Daily Rat. The books include a lot of entertaining fonts representing the words and their emotions.

The Mouse Island Marathon

The Mouse Island Marathon book cover
  Geronimo meets his athletic friend Champ at work, having no idea of his intentions - Champ enters him into a marathon! Geronimo can't even eat while walking! Geronimo has to wake up at six. The alarm clock? A ice water bucket. He realizes that he's becoming athletic - and manages to stay a gentleman at the same time. Champ makes him run a marathon, and Geronimo sees he doesn't have a chance.
              He wins first, though he doesn't believe it, and is honoured by millions of people singing for him the national anthem of Mouse Island. He returns happily to his own town.