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Talents Duology

Hidden Talents

Hidden Talents is about a kid called Martin. He ends up in a school that's a dead end for both students and teachers because he talks back, or, as he calls it, he has a smart mouth. The school, Edgeview, has a lot of characters like Bloodbath, the bully, and the kid nicknamed Trash 'cause he throws things around.
Halfway through the year, Martin realizes that at least two dozen kids have psychological abilities like Cheater, who can read minds, and Torchie who can light fires with the power of thought. Trash turns out to be able to move objects with will power. The kids form a gang that they call the Psi-Five.
This book is really great to read on a weekend, because you can't take your eyes off it and you don't want to discover that your mom has a "hidden talent" to get you out of bed.. with a broom.
Finally, Martin is approached by his friends and realizes that he, too, has a 'hidden talent' - to see into a person's deepest fears or hopes.. One of my favourite phrases that Martin uses is "You're pretty cocky for a kid who still wets his bed," way at the end.