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The Thief Lord

The book starts out with Detective Victor meeting two unpleasant characters who demand from him something he had never done before - find two children, named Prosper and Boniface. Nearby, the two runaways are having a great time with their orphan gang, led by Scipio, who insists they call him "Thief Lord". 
Later in the book, the kids realize they are being followed. Riccio informs them that it is a detective and they will have to leave immediately. But Hornet has a crazy idea, and thanks to it Victor ends up as their prisoner, tied up in the bathroom. Mosca and Bo begin to like him as he promises wonders and fixes Mosca's radio. He escapes. The gang of children, living in the Stella, find out that the Thief Lord is stealing from his own house, and had been quite rich and lived luxuriously while they pinch wallets. They plot against him, and he becomes an outsider. Scipio goes on a magical merry-go-round, and his wish comes true - he becomes older than his father. Quite the opposite, Ernesto, the fat shopkeeper, turns into Baby Barbarossa, and, stealing from Esther's house ends up in a posh boarding school, where he forces others to polish his shoes and do his homework. 
I love the ending.
Barbarossa forces his classmates to call him by a name. Now, guess. The last sentence was: It was the Thief Lord.

Now, I know that doesn't sound so great, but after you read the book, it's simply amazing. I felt like crying. I felt like laughing. It makes you go mad.

The first time I read this book I found it a big wow. Now I've read it a second time and I didn't find it as interesting as in the first time, but it was nice.