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Inkheart Trilogy

Inkheart Trilogy book covers

The Inkheart Trilogy, written by the famous German writer (Cornelia Funke, who else?) is the most touching threesome of books I've ever read. Especially the first one: Inkheart.


Inkheart book coverThis wonderful book is the best book I've ever read (Actually, I read it in Hebrew, where it's called לב של דיו (Lev shel dyo; translation: Heart of Ink)). Originally written in German, the book was translated into many languages, including English, Hebrew and more.
The book tells the story of a girl named Meggie who suddenly finds her life changed by a mysterious stranger (later known as Dustfinger) standing outside at night. Meggie meets a horrendous villain - Kapricorn, one of the main characters in the story. Meggie finds out that she has a wonderful but dangerous power which she had inherited from her father, Mortimer; she finally understands why he had never read to her out loud. 
This book made me think for at least a day, and even after reading the next book, I think Inkheart is the best in the series. I especially like the part where Meggie reads out loud, and also the beginning.