Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone

Bloodbones is half story, half game where you're the main character - the plot carries out depending on your choice. There are battles, options, riddles, and more. The goal is to take revenge on your hated enemy, the dreaded pirate Cinnabar. He was the one who killed your family. Engaging and believable, this story-game will keep you chained at least until you manage to survive till the end and kill Cinnabar.
Be daring yet careful, and most of all, you need to be lucky! 
A real adventure, this can be the substitute for the screen.
When I began to read/play this book, and had already fought and won several battles, I felt myself sinking in the environment of the book - when I was going to lose, my heart nearly broke (don't worry, only figuratively).
To be victorious, you will have to own the bone weapon to defeat Quezkari, the undead soul of Cinnabar. The Blue Gem is also good and can increase the chance of you defeating the horrible pirate.