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Young Samurai

Young Samurai is a well written adventure of an English boy who finds himself in Japan and has to become a samurai to survive. I find that the best and most suspenseful of the series is the first book (like in most series). This is a must for any bookworm!

The Way of the Warrior

Jack Fletcher finds himself alone on Japanese land after ninjas launch an attack on his father's ship and crew. He is the sole survivor - but what can he do now? He has only a rutter (navigational logbook) belonging to his father. After Masamoto Takeshi, the invincible samurai, saves and adopts him, Jack has to become a samurai. He learns the arts of a samurai in Masamoto's school - swordfighting, archery and intellect. But Kazuki the school bully decides to pick on the gaijin (barbarian, usually stuck on to foreigners) and Jack must learn to overcome him - with his friend Akiko. Then, Masamoto arranges a contest between his school (Niten Ichi Ryu) and another. But the problem is, Jack is one of the representatives. Can he defeat the other school to save Masamoto's honour?
I must say that the moment I finished reading this book, I started looking for the next in the series. In one word: excellent!

The Way of the Dragon

The students of the Niten Ichi Ryu are terrified to hear that war is soon descending upon them. Daimyo Kamakura and his army lead an attack with the help of Kazuki and his Scorpion Gang. Kazuki's father is a spy for daimyo Takatomi (the good guy) and his whole family was made to pledge their allegiance to daimyo Kamakura. Nobody told the family, so Kazuki thinks that he's on Kamakura's side. He even burns down a part of the Niten Ichi Ryu.

Another sensei (teacher) arrives accompanied by her son, Takuan, who seems to be perfect and wins over the hearts of all the girls. Jack is very jealous and realizes that Akiko may be the main reason why he has second thoughts about leaving Japan.

The Way of the Dragon is the deadliest book in the series yet. Yamato, Taro, Moriko, Takuan, and lastly Jack's deadliest enemy - Dragon Eye, or Dokugan Ryu, the ninja who killed his father and stole his rutter - are all killed by our Mr. Bradford.