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Mrs. Pepperpot Stories

Mrs. Pepperpot Stories book cover
Mrs. Pepperpot Stories are short little stories about a sweet old woman, living with her husband, Mr. Pepperpot, in a small house near the woods. And what is so special about this specific woman? She, in the most inconvenient moments shrinks to the size of a teaspoon! She can talk with animals at this size and she makes friends with all of them. She also helps children with this ability. Fun fact: before the translation to English, the book was originally called Mrs. Teaspoon to emphasize the size of Mrs. Pepperpot aka Teaspoon.

Mrs. Pepperpot Minds the Baby

Mrs. Pepperpot minds the Baby book cover
Mrs. Pepperpot is assigned by an anxious mother to take care of Roger, her precious baby. But, as always, Mrs. Pepperpot shrinks again, and is almost swallowed by the baby whole while she tries to entertain him by throwing anything at hand at him. But he is only interested in his new "dollie". 
At last, Mrs. Pepperpot expands to normal size and the mother comes to the rescue.